In a bid to reward frequent shoppers at the Festival Mall , Festac , Festival Mall has kicked off the 10th shopper promo which kicked off on the 4th July and ends on 10th July 2016.

Festival Mall Shoppers Promo

The promo would select the 10th shopper to enter the participating stores to make a  specific purchase , the exercise will continue till the close of business.

So 10th , 20th, 30th & 4oth shopper to visit the stores will be selected and stand a great chance to win gifts , discounts from the participating stores.

Are you going to be part of the lucky 10? Let the shopping begin!

Stores in Festival Mall include Shoprite, Silverbird Cinemas, Ocean’s Basket, Rhapsody’s, Audacious, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, Mondo, Healthplus, GNC Live Well, Casabella, Essenza, Montaigne Place, Ennzo, Office Everything, Sumptuous Meals, Larboni Cakes and Frogurt, Debonairs, Maybrands, Gene Bendi, Diva, Accessories 2 die 4, One Centre, Timekeepers, Etisalat, Slot, Tesla Mobile, Mr.Biggs, Montaigne Place, Sports World, In2Brands, PC Corner and Obsessorize.

You cant afford to Miss This. Let the Smartest Shopper Win .