The Fuel scarcity in the country as obviously paralysed Amuwo Odofin and the Festac Town community as everyone is looking for every single opportunity to get Fuel .

The lingering fuel scarcity condition in the country has been a source of continuous concern to the masses as there have been instance of increased violence especially around filling stations in a bid to get the product.

It was a gory Wednesday in Festac  as the normal hustle , queuing up for fuel turned to blood bath.

Festac town, 21 road was thrown into chaos and fear as an official of the the Nigeria Security Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), opened fire on some youths hawking fuel, killing two, while several others sustained severe injuries.


The incident occurred at about 1pm  at the ever busy forte oil station at 21 road, Festac town. In an attempt to have an organised and calm fuel buying , NSCDC officials were at the filling station.

Several attempts made to arrest the illegal fuel sellers popularly known as BLACK MARKETERS which led to seizing and arrest of the jerry-cans with petrol from the hawkers.

Then the shooting occurred and in the process 1 individual , a suspected black marketer was killed instantly and 2 others shot in the leg. Gunshots were heard and some of our dedicated followers informed us immediately.

@ejiakpe immediately informed the festac Police command.

The scenario turned to be a fight with the Officials , people purchasing fuel and black marketers. Some said it was the police forcefully seizing fuel from the hawkers. It was in the process someone got shot.

According to imam,
The black marketer who got shot was arguing and trying to fight with a female NSDSC official . He even grabbed her shirt to her neck and then he got shot instantly. The dead victim was shot three times

Shots were fired into the air and everyone scampered for safety.

2 Dead , 1 Injured At Forte Oil Station 21 Road. (4)

In reaction to the incident a riot was about to take place as tyre was seen burning but thank God the situation was handled by officials of the NSDSC , Police around.

2 Dead , 1 Injured At Forte Oil Station 21 Road. (1)
first photo by @switmode
21 road was blocked. Till late last night , the filling station was shut down and officials still parading and no one was allowed to come close.

2 Dead , 1 Injured At Forte Oil Station 21 Road. (3)

One of the injured victims later died that evening while one still alive . It cannot be ascertained at the time of this writing the exact causalities.

2 Dead , 1 Injured At Forte Oil Station 21 Road. (2)

According to vanguard ,
While reacting to the report the spokesperson at the Lagos State Police Command, DSP Dolapo Badmus, in a text message confirmed that one person was killed and she added that the situation has been brought under control and investigation into the incident has commenced.

Please be careful o .