It was supposed to be a glorious Sunday in the family of Ekwe but unfortunately it was not as Festac area of Lagos state was thrown into a state of confusion .

Ugochukwu Ekwe Body Being Removed by Police In Festac
Ugochukwu Ekwe Body Being Removed by Police In Festac

Ugochukwu Ekwe was found dead in his family house located at 311 road , B close On Sunday, 16th August 2015.
His family left for church and returned at about 12 noon to find their son, Ugochukwu hanging dead in the sitting room.

The family raised an alarm and neighbors came around to their shock finding Ugochukwu hanging in the sitting room. No concrete reason is known yet as to why Ugochukwu took his own life, committing Suicide.

The Festac Police was seen taking the body away.

According to Naij,  One of Ugochukwu’s neighbours, identified as Oluja, said it was when he returned from church that he learned the young man had committed suicide. He added that the last discussion he had with the deceased showed that Ugochukwu was desperate about his university admission and financial problem.

He said: “He had tried several schools, but never made it. Also, he was having a financial problem. Maybe, it is the sum of these worries that made him commit suicide.”

Some people around say that he might have killed himself because of discrimination against his skin color while some others say he was desperately seeking admission and was frustrated.

A police source said:

 “Nobody can say why he committed suicide. But two Sundays ago, they caught him mixing cement to drink. The family members had actually gone to church, and he had stayed behind. It was a neighbor who caught him and alerted the family members.

But all efforts made to find out from him, what went wrong reportedly proved abortive, as he refused to tell anyone anything, including his mother.”

Such a sad and black sunday, may his soul RIP …

Please note : Suicide is not the answer o …Talk to someone