Festac Town can be likened to a city of its own as there are various segmentation of the huge housing estate.

Festac has a network of streets that link into roads , thereby linking the whole housing estate together. Some of these streets are very popular and common that even toddlers, kids know the name of this streets.


Some of these streets are even popular to those who live outside festac town so if you are visiting festac here are 5 very famous streets you should check out before you leave.

Check out these five famous streets in the town of festac.

22 road

22 Road is one of the popular roads as it leads directly out of Festac. This is quite famous to all residents . This road houses the very popular Holy family catholic Church , also used to house former NEPA office . Presently the only post office in festac is on this street, there is also a mix of residential and business area with most residential flats turned into business centers.

holy family catholic church

Kachi’s sharwama is also on this street , MRS filling station etc. 22 road plays host to series of eateries.



512 Road

512 is a very popular street as both shops, houses and even bus-stop is located here. The very popular Phone shop , Slot is located here also .


Also 512 houses other phone and accessories stores, so if you wanna buy a phone , repair a phone then take a stroll down to 512 . Ituah hospital , pharmacare etc.


512  is a unique area as half of the street is the busy area where most business occupy while the other half is less busy filled with mostly residential buildings and some other schools etc.



712 road is another popular street, located before alakija and after 23 road. Here nothing so spectacular , we have some few hot-spots around.


23 road

You like to shop? You should visit this street. The experience here is beyond the ordinary act of buying your favorite item. It’s an art on its own. It has a shopping mall named after it and other exotic shopping centers. Located in Surulere, this street will increase your urge to spend money on things that you

23 Road, Festac

Its busy and beautiful, friendly and fast and provides almost everything you want


One of the popular streets in 4th avenue festac. It is mostly a district of residential buildings , the usual block and flats and few duplexes. Opposite are some hangout spots, banks and other small shops. Some people say 401 is known for notorious people . Do you agree ?

1st Avenue

It’s a mix of residential, business district and nightlife, a walk in this street will reveal a lot . some of the residential buildings are being converted into office space though. At night, another aspect of 1st  Avenue will reveal itself: Bars, Night clubs and restaurants will light up the place like G-hoppers, Rumors, Heavens, New chop Villa, House 9 etc.

In conclusion , Festac town is a place to grow up in well despite the negligence of the government. No place can actually beat where you grew up , So is your street listed here ? Tell us about yours