KFC Festac town is one of the eateries usually flooded by food lovers and residents in Festac.  KFC is located at Mobile service station, 23 Road, 4th Avenue Drive tru store, Festac. KFC is the 14th outlet to be opened in nigeria.

So i would be sharing with you , 5 reasons To Visit KFC Now

KFC is opened to you from 10 am till as late as 9 pm everyday including Sundays. So even if you get back late from the hustle and bustle of the day , KFC is opened to treat your tummy right.


The part i love, The Drive thru . KFC Festac has a drive thru service where you do not need to enter into the restaurant to have your orders served. Just drive in , place your orders and be happy. This service makes it possible for car owners to purchase products right in the comfort of their cars by driving through a designated sale point where they are attended to promptly.


The interior is really nice. For those who love selfies, here is a perfect spot. There are designated seats for two , for four and family.



There is always a deal to be a part of , so KFC helps you save your money . Aside from that every dish is yummy. You can pay using your card




There is enough parking space for you .


Have you been to KFC Festac , share your experience below..