Festac Town is a residential area and as such has a large number of people living in and around the environment. It can be said to be a town of its own and has a huge and very very rich cultural heritage linking back to Festac 77.

Here are some very interesting current facts that needs to be know about this Unique and massive town .

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So check out what makes Festac  Awesome 

  1. Hotels are Everywhere in Festac :There is no street you find that does not have a hotel in it . Hotels are no everywhere. An example of hotel is Golden Tulip which is the most popular and known by all in Lagos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       So if looking for a place to lodge in Lagos with affordable rates , then Festac is one place you should be looking at. You can find hotels on virtually every street  and avenue within the town.
    Golden Tulip Festac

    Some of the best hotels in Lagos can be found at there with hotels such as Golden Tulip, Rockview Hotel, Benny Hotel, and Brighams Suites-Hotels among others.

  2. Every Business can be found here : In Festac you can get every kind of business and business people, ranging from real estate to oil and gas and even unto the hospitality business; everyone thrives.
  3. Igbos are Majority of Residents in Festac: Most residents  happen to be Igbos , some doubt it , many do not agree but i can say that 40% of Residents in Festac Town are from the eastern part of Nigeria.
  4. Prostitution Thrives in FestacProstitution is eating deep into Festac, with many nightclubs and strip bars popping up in diverse areas within the town. These development has really traumatised the residents of this festival village, however, it seem that the more they complain, the worse the situation becomes.

    4 arrested over diversion of 600 bags of rice In Festac
    crime rate
  5. Crime Rate on Increase:  With the increase in crime in Lagos State , Festac Town has not be left out . Recently the crime rate has increased from petty stealing to serious robberies , leaving residents living in fear.
  6. Festac has its own shopping Mall: Shopping mall can be found everywhere in Lagos State and Festac  is not left out as Shoprite recently opened its doors to Residents in and around the residential Estate.

    Shopping Mall


Festac is a town that must be visited by everyone, especially residents of Lagos, reasoning being that the town possesses to a great extent the spirit of Lagos city.

Do you think Any more Fact was left out ? Do let us know if there are other characteristics of this great festival village we have left out.





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