Have you ever wondered how the telecommunications companies make so much money?

I also didn’t realise until a friend made a comment to me during my undergraduate days when the telecommunications industry was booming.

My dear friend told me that the telecommunications industry make so much money from packaging and selling time.

I thought about the importance of her comment and realised the truth in it.

No wonder the sayings- ‘

Time waits for no man’, and ‘A minute lost can never be regained’.

Dear youths, we have a lot of time on our hands, we should make the most of it while we can.

Time is so valuable that it is packaged and sold to us as airtime.

Time determines the cost of an advertisement on electronic media platforms such as Television and Radio.

Time is one of the determining factors of the fares for online- subscribed taxes.

We are quick to say ‘Don’t waste my time’, or ‘ Save my time, I’m in a haste’.

But are we truly conscious of our time or even making efforts to save it?

We rush in traffic, some try to jump queues, we scramble at the market place but are we truly making purposeful use of our time?

Here are just a few tips to aid us in making purposeful use of our time.

6 Ways I Save Time

a. Rising Early:
This might sound basic but it’s mostly overlooked.

This can be achieved by going to bed quite early and then one would have longer hours in a day to perform most of the tasks one has set out to perform for that day.

b. Making Phone Calls:

Cut out unnecessary pleasantries when making calls.

For instance, questions like, ‘Have you eaten?’, ‘Did you sleep well?’ etc are not sincerely expressed as the answers might not really be of interest to you.

Therefore, cut them out and go straight to the purpose of your call.

c. Social Media: Quit spending too much time on social media.

This is one of the major agents of distraction and it eats up a lot of time that should have been spent on purposeful tasks.

You find some workers scrolling through facebook, instagram, snapchat or chatting on BBM or Whatsapp in the office at the expense of their employer’s time.

Social media is addictive and makes one lose focus.

We should try to cultivate self discipline in this regard.

d. Dates and Hangouts:

Its good to socialise, network and unwind but my personal advice to single ladies is this-

Some guys only want to hang out with you to boost their image. Their reputation is enhanced when they are seen with a beautiful lady in public.

They might not even have any plans for you beyond that date.

So, dear ladies, your time is precious, do not waste it on a guy who has no plans for you.

Make him understand that you are important and you deserve the best and your time is too precious to be wasted.

Only give him the attention when he exhibits a level of seriousness.

You are better off spending time alone reading your bible, or going out on your own to give yourself a treat thereby giving yourself the opportunity of making new acquaintances.

e. Avoiding traffic:
Whether driving or taking public transport, one can avoid traffic by consulting the following.

Google maps, reading traffic updates from traffic handles on twitter or listening to traffic updates on certain radio stations to know which areas to avoid and alternative routes that are good to go.

f. Alternative Banking Channels:

Thankfully, most banks encourage their customers to make use of alternative channels to make money transactions.

These channels range from ATMs, P.O.S, Mobile applications to Online Banking and online payment methods.

Approach the customer service personnel in your bank to find out how the above various options work.

The Telecommunication companies know the value of time that is why we pay for calls measured with time.

We should value our own time too and re-channel it into working towards our goals and spending time with our Creator who is waiting to hear from us.

Time is valuable, we should cherish it.