Cleanliness they say ,is next to Godliness which is what happened Today ,25th November 2017 at Agboju Market, Festac Town, Lagos.

Salpha Energy in Collaboration with Susty Vibes and Rees Africa made out this day to clean up our popular market taking a “Stare Down On Pollution” campaign to the people of Agboju.

This is making conscious and deliberate cats to maintain and ensure a sustainable environment.

Everyday someones health fails because the environment as been polluted with things that can either by Reused or Recycled. House flies, mosquitoes and other flying objects carry them around perching on the nearest food especially in our markets that we are not even aware of. Children playing in&around dirts unaware of the danger it poses to them.

Open defecation here and there, gabbages disposed wrongly, canals getting blocked and an increase in flood prone areas.

See all the actions at theĀ #CleanUp exercise at Agboju Market, #Festac