Hon Dipo Olorunrinu,  has called on youths of Lagos State and especially those from his constituency Amuwo Odofin to put aside the present challenges facing the country and use the situation to discover the gifts in them.
He was speaking to some youths in festac town during the just concluded end of the month sanitation exercise where he went out to participate in the cleaning exercise and promote his Keep Amuwo Clean (KAC) initiative to different homes, estates and residential association.


Hon Dipo cited instances where he had to work, put himself through school and learn a trade or two in order to provide for himself, family and those around him.


Hon Dipo used himself as an example while encouraging the youths not to be tired, he said:

“I worked professionally at managerial level for over five years before contesting for office, it is not enough to be educated and keep complaining about the situation if you are not ready to change that situation. Amuwo is has a good number of educated men as you can see from the kind of businesses here, so if you want to change the present situation, I encourage you to come up with ideas we can work with, let people know you can do it and see if you won’t get the support you need”


He went on to assure the youths that he would continue to run an open and accessible system of government while thanking the people for their support, patience and understanding adding that his service of giving will continue.

A spokesman on behalf of the group went on to appreciate the Honourable while noting that for the first time Amuwo is experiencing a different style of leadership of an accessible representative who is open to all even as they prayed God will continue to keep the Honourable to do more.
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