Dear George,

Happy New Year!


George Orwell once wrote “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Let me start by asking;

Have you been to Amuwo Odofin LGA since your Inauguration as Governor? If the answer is no, then I will personally lead the campaign to vote you out come 2019.


You should be!

How can you be Governor of Lagos State and ignore the contributions of people of this Local Government to the growth of the Lagos Economy?

You predecessors Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Babatunde Raji Fashola showed political immaturity when they couldn’t decipher between Politics and Governance unfortunately for you, you are towing that same line in your subtle yet wilful sidelining of the Amuwo Odofin LGA in Lagos when it comes to programs and projects.

Your Excellency, I have lived thirty years of my life going thirty one on March 17 this year and since the return to civil rule in 1999 when Bola Tinubu’s AD won the election Amuwo Odofin especially Festac has been a PDP take when it comes to elections. This was repeated in Fashola and even during the election that brought you to office.

Mr. Governor, this isn’t a sponsored post hence please diffuse your mind from any conclusion that I am working for a politician, ask around and you will know more about me.

Since AD, and now APC took over Lagos State, the silly battle for the control of Festac Town has lingered on between the Federal government and the Lagos State and to the detriment of the residents of the Estate.

The state government had denied responsibility for the estate stating that it is a Federal Government responsibility since it is managed by the Federal Housing Authority, FHA yet your predecessors charged us tenement rates through the infamous Land Use Act.

Sir, the state of roads in Festac is deplorable and even the APC government at the Local Government level can’t do much without asking for contributions from businesses and social organizations before any road repairs are made.

Many times there have been cases where religious organizations brave the odds and embark on road repairs themselves.

Your supporters may be quick to point out the Mother and Child Centre at First Gate; that we should be proud that we are privy to one of such centres in the state.

But as there are only six Model centres around, but would they also be quick to state that the building was the new site for the relocation of the Local Government Headquarters from 41 Road to First Gate.

Despite our refusal to the gesture by former LGA Chairman Otolorin, Fashola intervened by converting it to a hospital for women and children. Quite interesting you may say.

Sir, I am sure you have heard of the multiple accidents on the Second Rainbow section of the Oshodi – Apapa Express Way.

The fact that there is no pedestrian bridge on that road makes it dangerous for people to cross the highway.

The absence of pedestrian bridge exposes tens of thousands of people to danger everyday. Deaths have occurred, sadly enough, these deaths could have been avoided.

Mr. Governor, politics were long over on May 29 when you spoke those sacred words to become Governor of the state, father of all.

We are almost at midterm and yet Festac is rapidly eroding save for the efforts of some organizations who continue to do their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Festac will be 40 years this year and it is to your credit that you govern over a people, cosmopolitan in nature dwelling in the best planned estate in the country and I dare say the continent. You should take out time to come to Festac for a first hand knowledge.

The rains will soon come and the floods too with the attendant bad roads. Please come quickly.

Many of use are yet to get the pre paid metres hence we grapple with “crazy bills from EEDC”, please come quickly.

A lot of our Youths are educated but have no jobs because perhaps we have no Commissioner or top government functionary from our local government in your Cabinet because of the ectioneering campaign. Please Sir, come quickly.

APC may not have won Amuwo Odofin, but your continued “punishment” of that act won’t guarantee a political repentance by the people especially as we prepare for the Local Government elections. As Jeremy Bentham once said ” the essence of politics is to do the greatest number of good to the greatest number of people”.

Here in Amuwo Odofin LGA. We have not felt that essence of Government since 1999. We trust you would be different Sir. Please come quickly

I remain a loyal and law abiding citizen.

I am not politically motivated to write this, but once again, I will campaign against you vigorously in 2019 should there not be a change in the status quo in our local Government!

Best regards!