Another day of crime fighting and Gunshots in Festac Town Lagos. Today at around 11:30am , news evolved that there was robbery going on at Guaranty Trust Bank , 23 Road, Festac Town .

This is the real story.

festac bank robbery

Late this morning at around 11:30am,some robbers attacked a customer who just left the bank, and was shot in the leg.The armed robbers fortunately tried to escape but ran into a check point of Soldiers .  Some police men chased the robbers to their loo at 7th avenue where soldiers with armoured tanks have been parked since Monday.

The bank was not robbed as some people thought , obviously this robbery was based on information.

Residents raised the alarm and a gun battle occurred . In the process of trying to catch the robbers , 2 people were shot by stray bullets at 7th avenue , T close near Elcee centre, 1 died, and 1 survived. The man who died was a security man at T close called Mohammed he was shot in the eye.

The robbers were said to have been killed and it was in exchange of bullets that innocent civilians were hit by the stray bullets.

Currently , at the time of this writing , 7th avenue is just like a war zone as individuals are told to raise their hands and walk while the security officials check , keke , bikes and cars .

To recap 7th avenue was where oil bunkers vs Navy and army shoot out occurred on Tuesday.

It is advisable to avoid late night movements for now !!!

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