Before taking a taxi cab its is of  utmost importance to consider your  safety and well being before boarding. Festac residents have fallen prey to some activities that threaten their safety.

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So here are some few Tips To Note BEFORE YOU RENT A CAB

1. Negotiated Fare

Before you board the taxi cab always agree on a fare. Negotiate properly and i don’t advice you to pay the fare till you get to your destination.

Before you even put in your bags know exactly how much the fare would be as i wouldn’t like you to learn lesson in a hard way.

2. Have Change or Exact Fare

I would advise that you have the particular amount of money or fare you would like to pay as sometimes this can be a trick not to give you .The simple solution is to always carry lots and lots of small bills (which is a good idea for a number of reasons anyway) and give the exact amount to the cabbie.

3. Avoid Late Night

If you are a woman try and avoid entering taxis late at night. It has always been advisable to travel in groups rather than alone.

4. Let your loved ones know the cab you are boarding

People do not always see it as important to let their loved ones know about their whereabouts , but my dear your safety is of serious concern o. Especially when you aretaking a cab it is wise to let at least someone know where you are heading, the taxi park you took the cab from etc.

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5. Do You Know The Cab Details ?

It is actually common sense to always not and jot the cab details such as plate number , operator name (if there is) , some people actually take it as far as also knowing his name which i feel is ok.  After doing so , text it to someone who knows your whereabouts or even to anyone waiting for your arrival , a friend or a loved one.

Save the plate number of any taxi you get into and send it to a friend.


6. Plan Your Route Before Commute

It is a really good idea to know your destination before you board the cab. If you are heading to an destination for the first time, do not let it be obvious that you don’t know your way . Naughty cab drivers can use it as an advantage. Meanwhile scout and research your destination before you get a cab. Know landmarks, closest areas , street names etc.


7. Avoid Roadside Cabs

There are taxi parks , for example there is a taxi park in Agboju , another park in 512, another in 23 road etc. It is advisable to board your taxis from a recognised park. If you take a cab from a park , or a company like Red Cab etc. there is less likelihood of the drivers perpetrating evil . Taxi drivers have a union and if the taxi you want to board does not have a union sticker with a unique number allocated to him you shouldn’t take it.

Do not take unmarked cabs. It is also safer to get a cab from a taxi park than one passing on the street, but the ones that are passing by are usually cheaper

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  1. More Importantly , if you are intoxicated or not in total control of yourself , please do not board any cab because you have no control of what can happen to you .


Remember that not all crimes happen by night. They already do these by day.

9. Have Emergency Contact Readily Available

Emergency contacts like police services , family , friends and loved ones on speed dial as this would allow for a quick or urgent message to be sent if necessary.

10. Weapon Handy

Ok dont get it twisted o. I don’t mean a Gun or machete or cutlass. Just have something handy for self defence such as pepper spray, something sharp like a pair of scissors. Always make it accessible and ready for any negative move by the driver or if he tries to do something funny. Note ladies , the eyes should be your target focus, at least it is better that than dead (or raped and dead).


Finally , pray! Pray before you board, pray during, and say a prayer of thanks when you disembark safely. Be smart !

I hope these tips are useful to anyone who reads this, as it’s about time we become conscious of these crimes and work together to defeat it.

Hopefully, this would lessen the incidence of these things, or at least in Festac Town