Two weeks and counting , the festac residents have lamented bitterly about the no-plying of the BRT Buses on the routes.

The Popular BRT Bustop at 512 Road has seen to unavailability of LAGBUS Staff as well as the BRT Buses  .

This hugely affected the residents who use this transport means to get to work in the mornings , especially those who ply Festac – CMS Routes.

Speaking to one of the affected residents, he lamented bitterly of the unannounced stoppage of the BRT Service, which didn’t allow for alternative preparation.

Another also complained about the Yellow Buses not also showing up early in the mornings and have hindered and delayed their movements.

The alternative for me is to Get to 2nd rainbow  before i can head out to work which is quite stressful and not so safe because i leave home very early. A Resident and Commuter Lamented. 

Efforts to reach out to the Management has seemed Futile .

We would keep you updated.