Its a month to go as plans and preparations towards the Amuwooolympics 2017 which is slated to hold this October 2017.

AmuwOOOlympics is a sports festival for and by residents of Amuwo Odofin with the aim of promoting communal unity, talent discovery and youth building through games and sports.

This sports fest aims at bringing together the community youths and adults in the Amuwo Odofin LGA which is at least 50k. Celebrating the positive aspects of urban community life together.

Due to the uniqueness in approach for the execution of the project by the creative and versatile organisers, the competition hopes to secure an important place in our Lagos, growing into one of the premier events in the city.

Sports and games include:
Football, Basketball, Lawn tennis (singles & doubles), Table tennis, Race (male,female & marathon), Swimming, Chess, Scrabble, Volleyball, Snooker, Video games (soccer & combat) etc.

The month long event will run from 7th to 29th October 2017 and consisting of 16 games, 8 teams,11 days, 480 athletes
Awesome right?

You can be a part of this by registering  as the  slots are getting filled up… Registration is FREE and will end on Sep 15th 2017.

The will host forms to register participants,coaches,managers, officiating personnel and other volunteers.

To discuss a partnership with The AmuwOOOlympics team,please contact