After the Fans Mi video which was highly anticipated featuring American rapper Meeks Mill and has had over I million views on Youtube,  it was alleged that there has been investigation by the NDLEA  “National drug and law enforcement agency” due to the fact that the video was seen as a promotion of  banned substance- narcotics and other illegal substances.


Recalling that NDLEA Director of public affairs Mitchell Ofoyeju stated in an interview with vanguard newspaper that there was no moral lesson in the video that all it did was advertise drug trafficking. Do you agree ?

Ofoyeju stated

In the video, he exchanged a brief case supposedly containing narcotics for dollars.he displayed affluence in the video.if only the video had climaxed into an arrest then the NDLEA would have congratulated him for partnering with them,But the way he portrayed drug trafficking in the video was a means to an end which is not educational to the youths,the NDLEA believes there should be a body which censors such videos before they are released into the market,those are the things they want to investigate and if it were submitted and why was it approved with such contents in the video

However , Davido seems unfazed by the said probe as he replied to a fans’s query on twitter assuring that there is nothing.






So should we sleep well knowing that there really is nothing ?  Or is it bad belle Syndrome by Haters ?