402 Road  located in Festac Town, one of the oldest planned community in Lagos State Metropolis has been left to its fate and abandoned.

A Major Concern in the Community is 402 Road, Festac Town which has become an eyesore over night out of negligence, abandonment by the appropriate authorities.

Residents of the area have complained and lamented bitterly severally but nothing has been done about the situation.

The Area also adjoins to the popular 23 Road Market, some of the shops which are close to the affected areas have been abandoned.

The Major Problem is the bad / Damaged sewage system which is said to have been damaged leading to environmental waste block the road on the 402 Axis.

Gutters, drainages and suck-aways are all blocked hence the pile of this waste.

Invariably, the sewage system is bad in many areas in Festac Town. The worst hit area is 402 Road.

The residents are flushing their toilets directly to the streets because there are permanent blockages to the original paths created for the flow to flow away.

The residents of 402 Road in Festac Town are breathing unsafe air, they are walking on sewage water/mud to get into their various apartments. The health impacts are huge and children are vulnerable.

The sewage accumulating and flowing on the streets is a source of death and therefore represents a biological warfare against the people of 402 Road in Festac Town. Is the Lagos state government or the federal government of Nigeria at war with the people?- Aderinola.

From research it was discovered that waste channels which allowed for free-flow have been blocked and sealed off when areas/lands where the sewage systems have been channelled underground & hosted them were sold.

This degradable situation is an epidemic looming and cuts across all from Children to the elderly.

These individual/ residents have been surrounded by this flowing sewage for more than Ten years.

Faecal wastes and sewage are not flowing away from residential areas because  the areas/lands have been sold.

Hence this terrible situation. The people living in this area of Festac Town and people visiting them are exposed to diseases that could end their lives prematurely.

What do you think is the solution ? Or would demolition of the houses that have been built and used to block the underground sewage channel be the only and final solution?

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