Over 200 businesses are affected as the Lagos state planning office gave  7-day deadline for container shops along the road to be removed as demolition was to take place with effect from February 2nd 2017.

It sent panic down to affected individuals who are mainly residents if mile 2 Estate.

Two days ago, the demolition became a reality as marked shops were being seen broken down, dismantled, wares being removed and sad faces all around.

A major hit for residents is the removal of the popular Belgium restaurant that has been there for years. 

What is the fate of the shop owners?

This is a bad move and not considerate. Where would we start from ? Festaconline source spoke to an affected shop owner .

This is injustice, cried out a passer-by .

Speaking to one of the affected shop owners, he explained to Festaconline correspondence how this act is devastating. 

He said that for many years, the Lagos State Government collects N2500 for every container shop, Amuwo Odofin Local Government collects trade permit fee of about N4000 and even PHCN brings Nepa Bills to shop owners. 

Are these not part of the government? 


That is one question nobody has been able to answer.

 Will all the monies collected over the years be refunded ?


Amuwo odofin estate mile 2 has been in existence for more than 30 years and these shops and containers have also existed for as long as residents can remember .