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Nigerian actress, film-maker , producer is this week Festac Icon. Mary Remmy is our Festac Icon this week.

Mary Remmy Njoku born on 20th March,  lived most of her childhood, if not all in Mile 2 Estate Amuwo Odofin , Lagos.

She had her secondary education at Amuwo Odofin High School, Mile 2, Lagos and furthered at Navy Town Secondary School, Lagos. She made a huge sacrifice of leaving school when the acting opportunity arose and has since gone back to complete her university education.

How I got Into Acting

I had a neighbour and friend who was into acting. He called me one day when I was in secondary school and told me that I was smart and could act. He told me about a stage drama going on, and that a particular character was not serious. I told my mum and she gave me transport money. So, I followed the neighbour to Surulere. I acted and I did well, they gave me the role. I noticed that I had fun. So, after my secondary school, I decided to go further in my career in acting.


Mary started her acting career from childhood as she had the passion and the drive from a tender age and exhibited her skills acting-on stage while in school.  Mary at the vibrant age of 18 after completing her secondary school education, she joined the Nollywood industry and got her first debut in a movie titled “Home Sickness”.

Her Parents Reaction to her Career in Acting

I’m from a very liberal home and my parents are learned. I’m an adult and there is a time in your child’s life, when you have to allow her to do what she wants. From the beginning, it was all advice, but at a point, I was guided to go to some places and learn how to stay out of trouble. My parents are good and they didn’t give me any problem. I’m in school now; I will graduate and have my degree like any other normal person and my career will still be going for me.- 


She got the privilege to act alongside with Chioma Chukwuka while her most challenging movie was “Golden Jewel”. She came to the limelight after acting the very popular and hilarious movie “Blackberry Babes”  where she played the role of Keisha. Since then Mary Remmy became a household name.

Mary Remmy  has been in the industry for Twelve  years and counting, she has been featured in several movies such as War Game, Golden Jewel, Face of Africa

This talented young actress who won the Africa Youth Society Role Model Award has indeed rapidly climbed the ladder

My Size was a challenge as ; I was very small and producers always told me that I was too small for their characters. The stories that were on sale were meant for people between the age bracket of 20 to 30, and I was looking 14, though I was not 14. When I attended an auditioning, they would tell me that I was good, but that they couldn’t use me for a role. My nature was the biggest challenge that I faced. I’m happy that I didn’t quit and I’ve grown now.

Mary Remmy is the CEO of ROK Studios, a film production studio in Lagos. She has produced movies & TV series such as Raging Passion, Hazeezat, Thy Will Be Done, Stolen Waters, Festac Town, Poisoned Bait, Losing Control and Husbands of Lagos.

August 19, 2012 – Mary Remmy And Jason Njoku Wedding Photos Nigerian actress Mary Remmy and her fiance, Jason Njoku of Iroko tv had their glamorous.

Mary Remmy  has worked as Senior Content Producer, IROKO Partners Limited, and currently is CEO Rok Studios , a film production studio in Lagos State.


It is fun, having fun and being paid for it.- Mary Remmy Njoku


Mary loves watching movies, TV and reading novels, she’s a  very simple, easy going, and very friendly lady. Mary Remmy Njoku  really deserved to be celebrated and appreciated, a lady who never gave up her passion!