1st Avenue is one of the avenues in Festac town . 1st avenue is mostly a residential area with a few businesses and hangout spots. Mostly a serene environment , quiet and
most people see it as a place where the well to do live. The area spans from 1st gate down to the end of the road.

12 Road 1st Avenue Festac Town


It’s a mix of residential, business district and nightlife, a walk in this street will reveal a lot . some of the residential buildings are being converted into office space though. At night, another aspect of 1st Avenue will reveal itself: Bars, Night clubs and restaurants will light up the place like G-hoppers, Rumors, Heavens, New chop Villa, House 9 etc.


Welcome to Ist Avenue Festac Town

Filling Station
There is no Filling station on First Avenue. There is the popular Forte Oil Filling station poularly known as AP located off 1st avenue on 21 road.

First Avenue is proud to have some schools around such as Radiance Nursery & Primary school , Ladeks Schools etc.


There is also the popular IT centre , New Horizon also located in this area.

Hangout spots
1st avenue Festac town is a haven of hangout spots ranging from Club Rumours to Grasshoppers to Roppongi etc.

There are few hotels around this area such as Benny Hotel , Newton Hotel , Brighams Suites , De-Heavens amongst others which are in conspicuous areas.

Front View Of Benny Hotel , 1st avenue , Festac Town

The main residential areas are 111 Road off 11rd which houses A – E close , also the 112 area which house the duplex and bungalow of A – K close.

A residential building , One of the colorful Houses In Festac.

There is also the 12rd off 112 which has very few houses and more of businesses.

Maumit Plaza

Buses hardly ply the 1st avenue straight road down to the end but cut off into 11rd leading to 21 road. So the best means of public transportation is by Bikes.

okada ban in festac


1st-avenue-festac-town (1)

The roads in 1st avenue is not all that bad but there are some areas with terrible spots. Currently , the 12rd was recently revamped as well as the 1st avenue road which was an eyesore.

1st-avenue-bad-roads-festac-town (2)


Fidelity bank is the only bank as at this time of writing located at 1st avenue.

There are various complex located here from Okaka Plaza to PIN plaza ,Nymph plaza, maumit Plaza etc.

These plazas house some huge business centres from corporate offices to regular businesses.
There is also a huge supermarket , Shop direct which variety of items ranging from groceries to makeup.



There are loads of shops , business around the 1st avenue area. as earlier mentioned there are various plaza , also near the residential area there are stores , shops around.


There is funtasticaland which is a recent addition to festac haven for kids.
There is a pharmacy located along 11road , Victory drugs

Fish Market
There is a small fish market which is a one stop hub for all kinds of fish . Here you can get fresh fish …


Religious Centres
There are various religious houses located in 1st avenue from churches to mosques.

Church In 1st Avenue

There is the popular Catholic church of the visitation located here , there are also a number of RCCG churches and also KICC.
Located is also the popular mosque , AHMADIYYA MUSLIM JAMAT CENTRAL MOSQUE .


Motor Park
There is a park for travelers but with just certain motor operators.

From Mr Biggs to Coldstone creamery to La baguette to Domino pizza and other bukkas around. There is also the Fish shop .

Cold Stone & Domino’s Pizza

Water Side

Just beside 1st aveneue is the river which links to the popular waterside area. here there is the boat transportation mode used by residents.

Water Side

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1st-avenue-bad-roads-festac-town (1)
Bad Road In 1st Avenue Road Festac Town

1st-avenue-festac-town (3)

1st-avenue-festac-town (4)

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