Residents of 41 road  in festac have been complaining bitterly of the lack of light / electricity supply they have been experiencing these past weeks.


For almost a month residents who live in 4 road E close to L C lose have not had power supply  , living in total Darkness with the hardship and fuel scarcity.

The Epileptic power Supply to Festac has  caused domestic and commercial activities to be paralysed  , bringing untold hardship to the entire community.  Some complain that they get supply of power  in the middle of the night when it is of no use .

The situation has rendered some Jobless , thereby not being able to afford even 2-square meals.  There has been several complaints to the necessary authorities with no avail.

The Eko Electricity Distribution Company is hereby  being appealed to look into this situation so that activities can continue as usual.

Some residents and business operators in FESTAC Town in Lagos on Thursday expressed worry on the epileptic power supply to the area by Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDP).

Do you live in Festac ? How has the light situation been in your area ??