Late Last Night, 24th October 2016 at about 8pm , Fire started from a house at 5th avenue , E close , Festac Town. It started when PHCN restored light , and as usual there was no fire services to come to immediate aid .


Passers-by , neighbours and community members all tried to stop the spread but unfortunately , there was a car in the compound where the fire started . The car caught fire which increased the flames. and no one could assist further.

The next house which is adjoining the house where the fire kicked off was also affected.

Fire services all the way from surulere came after 45 minutes of the start of the incident but it wasn’t enough to stop the wild spread and destruction already done.

The fire was so bad that it was already spreading to another house at C Close , 5th avenue but luckily people were able to help to stop the fire from the other close.

It is a terrible disaster as the occupants of the house which was badly affected are now homeless. A widow and 5 children . Its a terrible situation.

It is so bad that there is no functional Fire service in Festac and even the entire Amuwo Odofin Local Government.

We need help and intervention .

More Pictures Below

fire-destroyed-houses-in-festac-2 fire-destroyed-houses-in-festac-3