At about 5:30pm 19th August 2016 , Fire engulfed a block of flat on Eko Akette Street, new road opposite redeemers floodgate school , Amuwo Odofin.
Flats On Fire Amuwo Odofin (3)

It was a pathetic  and helpless situation as the fire razed and of course there was no fire service to come through immediately as the fire service in festac is not functional .

It was quite a helpless situation as the residents quickly evacuated their cars from around and also themselves .
Flats On Fire Amuwo Odofin (1)

The fire started with the topmost flat as according to source , it happened as a result of Gas explosion.

The Ojo Fire service was called and tried to come in time to save and stop the fire , by the time they had arrived so much damage had occurred as even the next flat was affected.

Flats On Fire Amuwo Odofin (4)

Only about 75% of the fire that could be quenched as they awaited more water supply . The roof of the building was razed , the whole flat where the fire started from was razed to ashes as well as the second flat.

The fire was still on at about 7pm and had reached the last flat on that floor . At around 7:30pm the second Fire service truck arrived.

Flats On Fire Amuwo Odofin (2)

This is the 5th Fire incidence where residents and victims were left to their fate due to negligence of the Government to put up a functioning Fire service in a whole Local Government Area, Amuwo Odofin .

No lives were lost but Properties Gone. This is really pathetic , where lives and properties are being toyed with …