So robbery in daylight is not left out in Festac as 4 Ghanaian Guests who lodged in Surerest Hotel, 2nd Avenue Road lost their valuables in one of the Lodged in rooms .

The Guests were invited to Nigeria for the Centennial celebration of Junior Chamber International(JCI) to also join the other members in the celebration.

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According to Orijoreporters,  The 4 guest reported to the police the incident that occurred in one of the rooms they lodged in.They Lodged in on 21st August 2015.

The visitors and their hosts told OrijoReporter that on arrival they both left for Maryland for an event at Maryland in Kosofe Local Government Area, and left the keys to their rooms with the receptionist. But on their return to their rooms, their valuables, a laptop, hardware, wads of Ghanaian Cedis (about N10,000) all estimated to about N200,000 were found missing in one of the rooms.

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According to one of their hosts, who identified himself as Emmanuel,

“We complained to the manager of the hotel but he failed to act and had to go to Area E Police Station to report.

“The police arrested some of the hotel’s staff but immediately released them, and from all indications efforts are being made to sweep the case under the carpet.

“We were encouraged to lodge our guests at the hotel because we thought it would be safe because of its proximity to Area E Police Station but we are dead wrong.”

Something should please be done