Mile 2 – Apapa Expressway has been known for the crazy and annoying traffic jam that many face while plying that route.
Well Good news ,as part of efforts to find permanent solution to the recalcitrant traffic along Mile 2 – Apapa expressway, a temporary truck park to hold about 3,000 trucks and tankers is to be completed in the next two months.Apapa-Mile-2-Port-gridlock

The Apapa road is usually blocked by Tankers which in turn causes gridlock.  The project is being financed by a private firm, supported by a body working for a permanent solution to the perennial traffic situation along the route.
The forum being championed by the Customs Area Controller, CAC, of Kirikiri Lighter Terminal, KLT, Benjamin Aber, includes all government agencies operating around the port area, truck drivers, ministry of works, agencies of the Lagos state government etc.
Aber said at the inspection of the temporary park located at Kirikiri town, that apart from the temporary park, the piece of land around Amuwo – Odofin acquired by the truck drivers will be used as the permanent truck holding bay.
The Customs boss said the committee intends to create a no parking, no stopping corridor on both sides of the expressway from Mile2 to Apapa
Source: Vanguard: