A Lassa Fever sensitization by JCI JUNIOR CHAMBERS INTERNATIONAL FESTAC CHAPTER  on Saturday  23rd 2015 was a success. The team did a wonderful job in Festac town  as they created an awareness about the deadly Lassa fever

Lassa Fever sensitization by JCI
Lassa Fever sensitization by JCI

Lassa Fever is a zoonotic disease which means that humans become infected from contact with infected animals, which are mainly rats.

Like Ebola, Lassa is deadly, and is estimated to kill 5,000 people in West Africa, every year.

Do you know that Prevention of Lassa fever is possible ? yes it is . Prevention is basically built around promoting good “community hygiene” to bar rats from entering our homes.

Information is power to conquer, not power to intimidate.So with the wealth of information acquired by JCI Festac , a sensitization was carried out.

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The sensitization was carried out to in order to achieve the following:

  1. To arm the market traders and passer-by with necessary information to combat the deadly disease Lassa Fever.
  1. To support the Federal Ministry of Health, Lagos State Government and Amuwo Odofin Local Government in promoting the advocacy of cleanliness and community hygiene as this disease can be prevented. and

  2. To  enlighten them on the need to visit the local health center if they are feverish if any of their family member is.

  3. To promote good health and well being in our community (SDG 3).

With partnership with the Local health center the team reached out to the majority of the market traders in Agboju and also passersby  who were curious to listen to the information on the preventive measures to be taken in order to Kick out the deadly disease from our community.

With the use of public address system and printed materials in English and Yoruba language, the  sensitization with the market traders in Agboju Market, Amuwo Odofin was successful.