MoralVille Academy 2017 High Flyers Day was a whole school affair as it involved Parents, Staff and Pupils.

Pupils and students uniqueness, excellent performances in both academic and non academic areas were celebrated.

Also Staff commitment, creativity and long service was recognised.  Parents  were not left out as they were also appreciated for their involvement and participation in their children’s learning and school.

On this special day,  pupils who have completed their Creche, Nursery and Primary Education were distinct from their clothing to their seating arrangement and a whole lot more.

Highflyers day is a big deal and a huge Party  is usually thrown to mark and celebrate the occasion in style. It was held at TFC place , 22 Road, Festac Town.

The High flyers Day Committee did a tremendous job by putting everything together to make everybody happy.

During the event, pupils showcased repeatedly  talents,  entertained and, educated  the guests with interesting presentations and P.L.A.Ys ( Positive Learning Activities for Younger children) such as Drama, choreography, Recitation, Music .

It was obvious that both the young and the old had fun, all in celebration of the jewels.

To also commemorate this year’s High-flyers event,  a lot of prizes were won by deserving pupils, staff and appreciation went to supportive parents as well, it ended on a high note.

As we prepare to begin a new academic session, we look forward to having old pupils back and our doors are wide open to new pupils who we promise will enjoy our educational journey at Moral-Ville Academy.

Once again, we thank each and every one who squeezed out time to grace the event. Without you, the glamour the event had and success it achieved won’t have happened.- Mrs Ogunde

The Director, Moral Ville Academy, Mrs Ogunde closed the day with remarks, appreciating everyone that made out time to attend.

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