What No One Tells You About Festac Grammar School

Festac Grammar school is one of the oldest secondary schools in Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.

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The school has since been divided into two; The Senior Secondary and the Junior Secondary which are under the State Government and Local Council respectively.

But the recent developments and drastic negative change to the school is more than a concern. Festac Grammar school is a school that has been left to its own fate.

During Fashola tenure , the old storey building that was built in 1985  was given a face lift in terms of structural maintenance.


The present conditions of a school like Festac Grammar School is a disgrace to Festac Town, a disgrace to Amuwo Odofin Local Government, a disgrace to Lagos State Ministry of Education.

Starting from the Junior secondary school section, this part of the institution is an eyesore.

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The buildings are in very bad shapes . The roof of some of the classes are already caving in. Some others looking like they would collapse any moment.


Also the doors, windows are not even available and the ones that seem to be there are wooden makeshift windows which are all broken.

Junior school has been killed over the years mainly due to mismanagement of funds.

There is also little or no provision for teachers for the students. To the extent that they are made to pay 1,000 naira each to hire private teachers for them.

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The level of neglect and maladministration is so bad that they don’t even have mathematics teacher, which is a compulsory subject for the junior waec.

Mismanagement of funds and poor leadership, insufficient teachers and more is a trait of the Festac Grammar School Junior School.

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Speaking to some students of the school , Festac Online gathered from one ,

It was so bad that when my brother was about taking junior WAEC they were told that if they don’t pay, they won’t write their exams.

No chair issue, in gov school there is negligence to that.

The former JSS  building was so bad that when it rains students get drenched. The parents forum had to put heads together and bring it down.

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Currently, the senior school gave out two of their buildings to junior school to utilise pending when something would be done as they got two new buildings.

Another student lamented ,
In junior school our  population is more than a 1000. More than 800 that graduated. If every student complies and pay the 1000 naira requested for things would be better.

The senior secondary school boasts of proper administration as their principal Mrs O.O Lawson is one that has the heart for the students. She is highly praised by the students of the senior secondary school.

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It was also discovered that most times she uses her personal funds to complete necessary projects not waiting for government. She also instils discipline in the students.

Speaking to a Senior secondary school student ,

When we wrote on the walls of the school, the principal made everyone class contribute to buying paint and repainting the walls. This made all of us accountable because no one wants to spend money on that again.
She knows how to manage funds.

Then talking about that big space is an out of bound area as it is said to be swampy ground and anything done there cannot last and would sink.


There are different dangerous animals the students are exposed to daily.

Holiday lessons are not conducted in the school ,only on special occasions such as Junior / senior external examinations.

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The Senior secondary school section is a better managed and infact a better face of the institution. The senior school teachers are paid well but in the case of the junior second school were teachers are not provided the case of low salaries as low as 20,000 is the case.

In spite of the harsh learning conditions and the negligence of the education authority the Academic standard in FGS remains remarkable.

Students have topped quiz, examinations , competitions in time past and currently. Even competing with students of private schools who have a better learning condition.

A remarkable one is the The Eko project competition / exam which is held yearly, every school is represented. The junior school take math, English & integrated science while SSS takes math English , biology.

Junior school came 2nd while the senior school came 1st .It was the awards, prizes and compensation that a new building for the senior school was built . Junior school renovate the library and replace the marker board in 2011

It is a pathetic situation and terrible. These students  and the school need  all the help that can be gotten . There is also lack of discipline, sometimes they stroll in anytime, etc.

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The Alumni Group has in time past made efforts , donations and even help settle settle electricity bills. Also NGO’s ,other groups have made remarkable change to the school .

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Some of the most brilliant minds in Lagos and Nigeria have emerged from this school. For the sake of the children in Festac Town and its environs, an outstanding citadel like FGS must be kept running, functional and up to acceptable standards.

Should we blame the government , or the management or the students ?

This is a proof that the schools have suffered greatly general decay and  high  degree of negligence under successive irresponsible governments in Lagos State.

What happened to the legacy of free and quality education in Western Nigeria under Late Awolowo and former governor Jakande ?
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There is a dire need to rehabilitate Festac Grammar school most especially the Junior Section of the school.

Did you attend the school ? what was your experience ? do you agree with all above ? drop your comments below