Penalty King Season 2 Competition tagged “test of incumbency” was a huge success and truly a test of incumbency as the incumbent king Tari was unable to score a single goal.

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The season 2 took place on Wednesday the 28th of December 2016 at Stone field 41 road in Festac Town and everything went on smoothly; thanks to trustworthy officiating by the able umpire Okpor Emeka Anthony A.K.A Daddy Mekus who is currently the assistant coach of  Delta Force FC and well respected in the football circle nationwide.

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The event kicked off with accreditation of contestants including males, females and kids all spotting different sport gears and were summarily paired to play 2 penalties against each other starting with the kids.

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People came from far and near to cheer the players up and eventually witnessed the emergence of a new king in the person of  Nnamdi  who resides in 512 as well as the season 1 king Tari. Penalty-King-Festac-Season2 (6)The excitement was high as usual as leggy exquisite models took turns strutting the field displaying the dude cheque meant for the winner.  Penalty-King-Festac-Season2 (1)DJ Walopa did a great job, dishing out fine tunes to the listening pleasure of all and chilling JB the mascot killed the beats with different funny dance steps; Romeo Circus was also on point as he joggled his clubs while riding his unicycle to the amazement of all.

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Exquisite Models International lived up to expectation by fulfilling her promise as the CEO Ibikunle Exquisite Oluwafemi presented Nnamdi the latest Penalty King with his N50, 000.00 cash prize  and Thomas Titi who was the last woman standing was blessed with a complete set of training gear including jersey, short and socks.

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Special thanks to all those that made this event a success including but not limited to Lanchier interiors and Properties, imagine exploit, whales foto studio, Webnet Photolab, Tosmicom sports, Kick off Emeka, Noble Rentals, Rochester Gardens, Nu waves Hair clinic, St. Chris Arts, Paddysco Football academy, Coach rahman and Festac online.



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Watch out for the Season 3.