The 4th Edition of The Miss Big Ballers Beauty Pageant was held on the 24th December 2015 at Big Ballers Lounge , Festac Town. It was an awesome event as it held successfully.

Contestants-Dancing-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online (2)

The host who anchored the pageant Esther Paul and Mc Mayor made the event a success. 


There were 10 contestants all competing for 1 crown . It was a stiff competition.

The Judges were Nollywood Actress, Ifeoma Okeke , Oluchi and Eva Etese.

The Judges , L- R Ifeoma Okeke , Oluchi and Eva Etese

The contest had three segments / session , starting with Casual to Bikini , and ending with Evening Wear.

Contestants-Dancing-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online (1)
contestants performing a dance to Kurrency’s new single


The ladies started with a choreography performance which thrilled the crowd. Followed by ladies coming out with casual outfit .



At the Bikini stage , the ladies were asked some set of questions depending on the number they chose.

Contestants-In-Evening Gown-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online

At the Final Stage which was the Evening wear session , ladies looked stunning , the Top 5 were announced and they were asked questions also to aid in choosing a befitting queen.Top-5-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online

One of the Judges , Ifeoma Okeke , advised the ladies and explained to the crowd why some of the ladies didn’t make it to the top 5.


At the end of the day , a new Miss Big ballers was chosen and crowned by Ex-Miss Big Ballers , Miss Ada. Before the queen was chosen , Ex-Miss Big Ballers , Ada enlightned the crowd and everyone present on how her tenure was and how she has been so far .


She said

Being Miss Big Ballers in 2012 gave me the opportunity to further her dance and other careers. She became a video vixen , signed to top labels. She also admonished the upcoming Queens of the opportunity being Miss Big Ballers gave her on  a platter of Gold.

Ex-Miss Big Ballers talking to the crowd

It was an enjoyable night as various artist performed including Big Ballers own Kurrency who performed his upcoming Single .

Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (1) Kurrency-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online (1)

Other artist performed such as Naira Boi , Chinex , Rocksteady , Jackshot , Dboy , OX Moses, and Inne.


The New Queen , Glory Abua gave a wonderful speech and she also displayed Her dancing Talent which amazed the crowd.

Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (2)

Miss Glory Abua will become ambassador for Big Ballers for a year . She also takes home a huge sum of N300,000, Iphone 6s and a day out with Tekno.

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Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (3) Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (2) Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (1)
Contestants-Evening-Gown-Segment-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online (1) Contestants-Evening-Gown-Segment-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online (3) Contestants-Evening-Gown-Segment-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online (2)
Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (4)
Contestant-1-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online Winners-Ceo-Big-Ballers-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online
Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (3) Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (2)
Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4Festac-online (1) Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (1) Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4Festac-online (3)
Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4Festac-online (2) Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4Festac-online (1)
Casual-outfit-segment-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-Festac-online (1) Casual-outfit-segment-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-Festac-online (3) Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (3) Casual-outfit-segment-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-Festac-online (2)
Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Pre-pageant-Festac-online (5)

Kurrency-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online (2) Judges-Pose-with-Kurrency-Miss-Big-Ballers-Beauty-Pageant-Season-4-Festac-online