For More than three days and counting, it seems the residents of 3rd avenue especially the extension has been left to their fate.

When It Happened

On Saturday, the Electric pole holding the tension wires which distribute electricity to W close, 3rd Avenue Festac Town and partially the school fell which lead to the wires dropping .

What has Been Done ?

Staff of the Ekedp came around to push it out of the road as it caused diversion in movement. But since then nothing has been done about it.

The terrible fact is that the fallen pole, tension wires is in front of a school , The Primary School which is very dangerous and leaving the students at Risk.

When Festaconline correspondent visited, the fist thing the residents asked was

Are you the owner of the pole ?

We were made to understand that the owner of the fallen pole leaves around and has since not paid attention to this.

They also lamented that this has happened before, more than twice and they are the ones who always repaired it

They are pleading with the appropriate authorities to help raise the pole up at least in order to avert danger.