It is like a dream come true that Festac and its residents and people living in its environs can have a mall like Festival Mall and a standard shopping Complex  like Shoprite Festac just at their doorstep.

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (6)
Welcome to the Grand opening of Shoprite at Festival Mall Festac Town , Amuwo Odofin

All road led to Festivall Mall,Cars trooping in and out in their numbers ,people strolling in and out. Finally Shoprite Festac fully opened its doors to Residents yesterday , August 27 2015 and it held a grand opening which was a massive turnout.

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (15)
Welcome to Festival Mall

Everybody was so eager to see the long awaited Shoprite they have been waiting for all these while.

Below are Photos from the Opening.

MI Abaga at Grand opening of Shoprite at Festival Mall Festac

Celebrities were not Left out as MI Abaga of Chocolate City came around…He even attested to that on his instagram page.

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (3)

Even individuals who havent had the opportunity to visit the other Malls located in Lagos were excited , Mums, Dads, Kids , even GrandMas were not left out of this thrill.

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (8)

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (7)
Festac residents trooping in the gates of Golden tulip heading to Festival Mall
Grand-opening-of-shoprite-in-festival-mall-festac-festaconline (3)
Shopping Trolleys were available for expected customers

Excited customers, individuals couldn’t miss out on this , as they all held their shoprite bags with smiles.

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (9)
Festac Dad thinking of what to actually buy. Lol!
Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (10)
The pregnant Mum wasn’t left out.
Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (11)
Youngsters patiently waiting outside on a queue for their turn to dash into the mall
Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (12)
Excited Kids with their Shoprite bags …Thanks Mum.

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (4)

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (14)
These two lads super excited to be at the Mall ….
Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (13)
The queue was orderly and supervised

Grand-opening-of-shoprite-in-festival-mall-festac-festaconline (2)

Grand-opening-of-shoprite-in-festival-mall-festac-festaconline (5)
Ruff n Tumble is also at Festival Mall
Grand-opening-of-shoprite-in-festival-mall-festac-festaconline (4)
DJ was blowing the place with lovely jamz
Grand-opening-of-shoprite-in-festival-mall-festac-festaconline (1)
Festac Guys never dull, they were dancing to the Jamz

Work was still going on in the mall as it was just mainly the

Shoprite-Festival-Mall-Opened-Festac-Amuwo-Odofin-Festaconline (17)


Even as late as 8pm peopel were still trooping In to check Shoprite out.

So Festac you now have a Mall at your doorstep. It was sure a Grand Opening.




  1. This is awesome… finally we have a place in our neighborhood for all shopping, fun and leisure. What is left in d hood is Beach…. lol

  2. This is awesome, i live in Isolo so i will definitely be coming to this mall “on a regular” but please the mall is called FESTIVAL MALL and has Shoprite as the anchor tenant of the mall. The mall is developed by UACN Property Development Company (UPDC). I think people should call the mall by its name and not the tenant in the mall.

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