Yesterday and till now, its all over the news of the Man who committed suicide at the Festac-Link Bridge Canal.

Festaconline correspondent and source has unravelled the details behind the tragedy. 

April 8th was such a sad day in our community, Festac town / Amuwo Odofin as the individual who committed suicide has been identified. 


Bayode Lawal , fondly called Bayo yesterday committed suicide .

What Really Happened 

The ordeal started from Mobil filling station when bayo started lying down on the floor .
 He was with his friends at this time. 

His friends beckoned on him to stand up trying to find out what was wrong. 

He stood up and then started walking fast, then started running towards the bridge. 

His friends tried to stop him, chasing him , before they could get hold of him, he had already jumped into the canal. 

Before this some individuals said it seemed he had some psychological issues. reports.

Since the incident up till this time of writing, his body has not been found.

Bayo left behind His mother, a single mother and his other siblings.

Some said the psychological issues comes once in a while. 

It’s so sad .

Our love and prayers goes to his family and loved ones.