News being going round that a Python swallowed someone in Festac Town , Lagos, this is not so true . Yes there was a Python Seen but no human being was swallowed.

Rumours carried that someone was swallowed by a Python under the Festac link Bridge. Yes there was so much crowd there on saturday. 

Festac Online carried out in depth investigation and confirmed sources revealed that the Python did not swallow anyone . Infact there were different versions from people who gathered at the bridge . Some said that the Python swallowed one individual , another said that the Python swallowed two persons ,some even said that it was half-human , half-python. Nigerians sha.


Anyways Festac Online rep gathered from the individuals who saw the huge snake first . One of the men who saw said

No human being was swallowed o! We were 4 that saw the huge snake and it was really long . The people who were dredging sand are alive because those were the people in the boat .

They were quite surprised about the rumours going around. He even said that it was a child that sighted the snake and alerted people around. After a while , the Python went out of view into the water . So please no one was swallowed o.