Our First feature on Festaconlineweddings are two love birds who met Via Facebook. A facebook friend Request, and fast forward 6 years  later, we are expecting a wedding party.

Read how Rihanatu Abubakar and Tosin Aruna met, their love story and now we have a wedding to attend !!

How It All Began


It all began in 2011, was going through Facebook when I got this friend request from a lady, went through the persons profile picture and as a normal sharp guy I saw a fine looking girl all over. Accepted the friend request normally and decided to send a message to her.

She replied the 1st and all of a sudden pretty lady didn’t reply again. I dropped a message and waited patiently for her reply, soon enough the reply came in again. We chatted and chatted that night you are going to think we had known each other for a long time.

All of a sudden, I didn’t get a reply again, waited and still no reply. I waited for days, always checking my inbox but nothing.



It all began in 2011, During the long holiday in my 200 Level, dad ruined my day that evening was so mad at everyone, didn’t want to talk to anyone else, so I went on Facebook to throw my tantrums but instead of posting a quote of how I felt, I decided to send friend requests to a gazillion people Facebook suggested to me.

I wasn’t hoping to talk back to anyone who responded to my request; I was just trying to cool off. I was just about to call it a night when I got a message from some random stranger. I was happy to see someone I could transfer my aggression on (LOL).

He started by saying “hello you sent me a request”, in my head I go, and so? He continued on to say you are in CRU (CRWAFORD UNIVERSITY), In my head I was like who is this one, anyway let me just waste his time. So I replied and said “Yes I am in CRU”.

But I don’t remember sending you a request, of which that was true because I was just adding without looking at the names.

We went on and on arguing about who sent who a request and then the conversation transitioned from an argument into an array of flirtatious comments, and all I wanted to do was go to bed because I wasn’t ready for another dramatic evening.

I woke up to see 10 new messages from Mr. Stalker, and also I noticed he also went ahead to view my pictures and he liked everything, and I went ahead and asked “please what do you want and he said since I sent him a request by mistake guess God allowed me to do that for a reason, and  can we be friends at least. So I agreed and that was how we got talking and our friendship started.

The Wait


6 days after, the almighty reply came in. You needed to see the joy on my face. She explained how her modem got bad and how she couldn’t surf the net for a while.

We got talking again and became good friends. From then, she turned me to her love adviser, not knowing a brother was almost falling in love.

She also turned me to her assignment personnel as we finished from same department in the university.



We grew so fond of each other and he became my assignment boy since he also did the same course I did and it was in the same school and taught by the same lecturer. I enjoyed every bit of the friendship even thou we had never seen each other, we became best buddies.

He became my personal teacher, adviser especially when it came to guys, all my   toaster, during that period he helped me to discover their true intentions so that I do not make a mistake, and unfortunately none of them passed the test, but little did I know Mr. Stalker was already falling in love.

It was time for me to go back to school in October, Mr. Stalker couldn’t hold it in anymore he decided to let me know about it, and as a naïve gentle girl that I was, I was scared of saying yes even thou I knew the feeling was mutual.

So I told him we should meet and see in person before I can give an answer. Fast forward to the day we were meant to see each other, he decided to fall sick that day and I was going back to school the next day, I know if I don’t see him now I won’t be able to see him again  because of my kind of school you need permission to leave school.

The Visit


We talked about how we were going to see till we fixed a day to see each other.

Mhen!! I wasn’t ready. I had an overdue hair, beards were rough and all but I didn’t care, I just wanted to see this lady.

She got to my place, I introduced her to almost everyone in the house that day, we became closer and bits by bits things became more intimate.

Bride :

So I took the risk and went to visit him even though I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t care if my parents were going to scold me that day if I come back home late, I just wanted to see him.

I got there and I was like is this you, he looked so different from his picture, he was shocked and so happy to see me, he introduced me to his whole family that day I was a bit worried in my mind, “I was like I hope he knows what he is doing because I am saying No”.

But am sorry my mind changed minutes after. We got along so well like we have known each other for a very long time, and that was how we started, that was how he became my first love, my first boyfriend.


The Journey

As told by the bride

Fast forward to when I went so school, I heard so many bad news about him I had to do some enquiries because this was a guy I just met on Facebook, I was disappointed at what I heard, so I broke up 1 week after we started.

As a bad guy he came to beg and beg but this time I decided to be more strict on it and gave him my rules and we started all over again. And to cut the long story short, there comes the proposal. I was done with my NYSC in 2014 October.


The Proposal


Fast forward to 2014, it was our 3rd year anniversary, and I had been thinking of a way to make it special. So I thought it was the best time to get this beautiful lady engaged.


Planned with 10 of my close friends for the dinner, we dined and it got to the time when I had to pop the question.


Mehn, I started feeling hot water all over my face. Murmured sweet words and then a brother went on his kneels, will you MARRY ME? Hell yeah! she said YES! She helped me up and then we kissed till people had to tell us to stop.


And also it was our 3rd year anniversary. Yanmife insisted we celebrated it this time with friends. Since it’s a triple celebration, (Travelling to Canada to further my studies, POP, Anniversary).


So I accepted the idea and had no clue whatsoever he was going to propose that night because I have always told him I loved a proposal at the beach, so a dinner didn’t give me a clue.


So we got to Zen-garden after the dinner he stood and started talking and the speech was not ending and the next thing he went on his knees and that was it. (OMG) Still feeling goosebumps from that day.


And that was how our journey started and I travelled to Canada, despite the distance, he never stopped, the best man ever, there were times people made jest of me and told me to return my ring and find someone here, I just laughed because I loved Yanmife more with the distance and he has never given me a reason to return the ring, he was able to prove to me the true meaning of love. For me and that was the peace of mind I have always wanted.

The Distance


A month later she went abroad for her masters. 2½ years apart and the love waxed stronger and stronger.


So I was ready to spend forever with him and today after 6 years of courtship, 3 years together, 3 years apart


Groom: Now we ready for the wedding party. #HATlovestory17. Gonna be litty litty.


Bride: I am finally getting married to my first love, my best friend, my lover, my soul mate, to the man of my dreams, I call him Yanmife (the one that chose me to love and he calls me Ayanfe (The chosen one) #HATlovestory17


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