News Reaching Festac Online states that in the early hours of the Grand opening of Shoprite Festac in Amuwo Odofin , Lagos State ,Some shoppers were robbed.


According to Thisday ,  robbers and pickpockets fleeced many of the shoppers taking advantage of the huge crowd that thronged the Shoprite branch . It was said that the robbery gang made away with the valuables of some of the shoppers such as phones, money, ATM cards, purses and even the goodies they bought.

Thisday visited the Mall later in the evening and spoke to some individuals to confirm the news and occurrence.  One of the shoppers said

“There was no armed robbery attack at the mall. What happened was that we had some pickpockets.

“Because of the crowd, they pretended to be shoppers and stole people’s phones and their money.

But another shopper had a different story , the tennager who was a victim of the robbery spoke to Thisday saying

“We had finished shopping and we had gone to the car park when these group of robbers accosted us and robbed us.

“They took my money, my purse, my friend’s phones and money, as well as her mother’s ATM card and phones.”

It is still sad that despite the presence of security guards and officials, such evil act was still carried out successfully. Is Festac fast becoming a haven for criminals ad their activities to thrive ?