Knockout , fireworks, banger is what we all are accustomed to that comes in with the Festive seasonChristmas is here again and it’s sure a season to be merry and cheerful . As we all know this is the season where kids and some youths are excited to pull off knockouts , fireworks, banger and others.

But with the recent happenings in Festac town and Amuwo Odofin such as Armed robberies, Petty Stealing with Ammunitions, Fire Incidents,  Gun battles between security officials , and criminals etc.

My question for you all Today is……………..

Should Knockout Be Banned In Festac This Season ?

Knockout can be sometimes mistaken for gunshots and especially those who witnessed this negative happenings , don’t you think the use of these knockouts should be on the low ?

Knockout has also caused various fire incidents in the past which has claimed lives and properties

The Commissioner for Special Duties and Intergovernmental Relations, Mr. Seye Oladejo has reiterated the readiness of the government to enforce the ban on the use of fireworks popularly known as “Biscoe and Banger” due to the potential hazard of the device to the people and the environment.

He said the danger associated with the dropping of cigarette tubs or fireworks indiscriminately, especially at this period of harmattan pose a great challenge which could lead to fire outbreak.

Should Knockout Be Banned In Festac This Season festac online
Should Knockout, Banger, Fireworks Be Banned In Festac This Season festac online

Oladejo also urged residents to be vigilant especially when in a large gathering such as religious programmes, carnivals, clubs, event centres and restaurant, however assuring that the state remains safe and secure for people living an doing business in the state.

He appealed to religious bodies, club owners and event centres to work with the state government and security agencies to monitor activities around them and report suspicious and unusual activities during such gathering that may compromise security of lives and properties.

So my Fellow Friends who live in Festac and its environs what do you think ?????