With the recent happenings and focus on Okada riders / Motorcyclists in Festac Town , Lagos the question has risen asking , should there be a ban on Okada and Okada riders ?

okada ban in festac

With the recent raid on some Okada riders in the 7th avenue area during the week by team of security operatives drawn from the state task force, Rapid Response Squad, FESTAC, Satellite Town and Trade Fair police divisions.

Complaints have been made severally of how ruthless and careless these drivers are , and dome of them work with criminals to carry out criminal activities. At the same time Okada riders /motorcycle riders make transportation faster and easier for residents

Do you think banning Okada riders in Festac would help improve security of residents in Festac Town ? Would Festac be better off without them ? What can be done ?

should okada be banned in festac