Preparation  is in top gear for the second edition of the leading Freestyle Football Competition in Nigeria, Street Ballbenders.


The ancient town of Festac, Lagos would host this edition after the Sport Complex, University of Lagos did the honour for 2015 edition.

Street Ballbenders is finally hitting top gear after the organizer of the unique talents event Suara Abass through its platform PODIUMVIEW announced that September would be the month for another showpiece of extremely talented young Nigerians to mesmerise and do all sort of things with football.

He noted that Freestyle Footballers are already showing lots of interest to come storm Lagos like they did last year but this time better prepared to depose Obanor McCarthy from Abuja who won it then at the expense of the Lagos based Mayowa Bababunmi whose amazing foot-combos are next to none.

It is an open event for all who think they have amazing tricks of performing wonders with the football in an unconventional way to beat any contestant pitched against them and in the same manner entertaining the watching spectators as they are bound to see what has rarely been seen done with a football.

The founder Suara Abass added

“we need to diversify the football sector, it isn’t just about kicking the ball and scoring goals, a lot is evolving world over when it come to football and other aspect are being develop on a daily and that is why we are taking the lead to foster this sport in.

Nigeria as it is ,is extremely entertaining with bizarre skills and tricks that’s is going to be on display alongside music and lots of side attractions ranging from rap, dance and comedy to shore it up. It is FOOTBALLTAINMENT.

“This is the type of event corporate bodies should give serious backings so as to reward these extremely talented Nigerians” he concluded.

Friday 23rd September, 2016 has been penned as the date for the showpiece.

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