A day cant get better  than your car being locked down and spoiling all plans for the day . Such was the experience of   a happy customer, Ernesst who patronised Tank and Tummy Yesterday 16th August 2016 . Relating his experience 

This has been the height of customer service for me since I was born. I visited Tank and Tummy at Festac town with a friend for a meal, we came out only to find out that the management had locked my tyres.
He was asked by the security guards why he went out because they thought he did , he explained that they were inside eating . The security guards said that the person who packed in his front wanted to move out but couldn’t because they didn’t know where he was . After much hassle
The Manager , a lady then came out and harassed Ernest and his friend why they insulted the security guards , Ernest tried to explain and calm the situation .
According to Ernest , the Lady threatened that she would lock his tyre for as long as she wants of which she carried out the threat .
After waiting for more than 2 hours , and the lady had gone , Ernest and his friends had to look for Soldiers who also witnessed them tossing the customer about .  At the end when the soldiers instructed them to remove the tyre , it was found out that the key was with them …
Is this the change we are all clamouring for ????
The tyres were locked from about 6pm till late 9pm because they couldn’t find them …What would you do if you were in his shoes ???