Festac get your running shoes as Truppr brings Festac Night Run to your neighbourhood. Do you want to get fit, but then you hit the snooze button instead of the gym.

You want to get in shape, but you spend more time in your pajamas than your running shoes. You want to tone up, but your only strength training involves carrying groceries from your car. Sound familiar? – Dr Oz


An answer to your prayers is here , Evening Run for All Festac and Environs Crew… Come ease your stress and experience the Freedom of night Run. Don’t Forget to check in to earn points… Fun! Energy!

Location; 21 road in front of  F close , Festac Town , Lagos

Time Tuesdays, 7:30PM -9:00PM
Get involved in the Truppr run which is for everyone – run to stay fit, run to have fun…….JUST RUN! No pressure, just some easy moves and lots of laughs and panting and networking as well.

Guess what ? Its free , so why not join now and keep fit , dont forget you earn points.

So fitfam,
-Get Involved
-Have fun
-Enjoy the experience.

If you have any health concerns about beginning an exercise regime , make an appointment to see your Doctor and discuss it with them first.

So for upcoming Truppr runs , keep in touch here for such updates.