A Festac Resident had an ugly experience with a super mart in Festac and has agreed to share on our platform, Festaconline to alert everyone of negligence of the Ministry of health as  well as shop owners in regards to health and status of goods.

How on earth could any self service store sell pest infested cereals in a refill pack? It only happens in #KenzoMart, the merchants of death on 32 road, Festac Town-Lagos State.


Here is my story:

For two good weeks, I never knew I have been feeding my baby girl with a contaminated Nestle Golden Morn Cereal in refill packs.

This is as a result of the evil concealed within by KenzoMart. On the 6th of December 2016, I bought another set of the deadly refill packs, only to find out two days later that each pack of the GoldenMorn has been cut by rodents and the store attendants deliberately used a white paper and a transparent cello tape to seal the affected areas on each of the refill packs; put them back on the shelve for unsuspecting customers like me to buy.

Regrettably, my 18 months old baby has been down for two weeks with an inexplicable health challenge that has defiled every effort muscled towards its cure.

Just yesterday, 08-12-2016, we discovered that a pack is infested with weevils, tiny roaches, ants and larva.

We (my wife and I) quickly took a thorough check on each pack and discovered the deliberate concealments by the store.

Consequent upon this, I rushed back to KenzoMart to lay my complaints and to my greatest shock and utter disbelieve, all the refill pack cereals on their shelve are suffering the same fate.

I was only told “sorry sir, we will punish the shelve cleaner and the supervisor for this error.” To think that my daughter has been feeding on a poisonous cereal for two good weeks for the simple reason that someone desperately wants to maximise profits at all cost and without recourse to the public health and safety is to think the least.


The Lagos State Health and Environment Officials stormed Kenzo Mart  and the shop was finally sealed. After due diligence was carried out, Kenzo Mart was found wanting. Further and necessary observation and interrogations have been carried out.
In another development, my daughter was subjected to further laboratory test at Paramount Medical & Pharmaceutical Services, Festac Town. Services availed include: Blood/Sterile body fluid culture and Peripheral smear examination.

KenzoMart has given me an indelible mark on my face and pierced a huge hole in my heart. While my daughter, by the special grace of God strives to recuperate; I am using this medium to alert the public to be ware.

Please be mindful of any item you buy from any mall, especially KenzoMart. May your child never experience what my daughter is passing through presently. May God save our children.