Residents of Mile 2 in the Amuwo Odofin Local government area of Lagos State has cried out for urgent help over the paralysing water scarcity in the area.

Since 2015 June /July the water corporation as limited and probably stopped the water flow into Mile 2 Estate and residents have been battling with this issue without any solution.

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Then two months ago , a total shut down of water to the area by the water corporation has affected residents.

Water flow has been inconsistent, according to a resident,

after about two months water will flow for a week stop for another period of between 1/2/3 months then for another 2days to 3 days to 1 week we are given water again. 

The worse has now happened , since December 12 Water Flow has been completely stopped and till Now no one has stepped into resolve this issue .

Residents cry out for a lasting solution to this issue , before now there was a water scarcity situation which affected a lot of places in lagos state including Amuwo Odofin .

This issue has been resolved in most places except Mile 2 .

Now this  water scarcity issue has now given Niger guys money making opportunity as they carry gallons and sell.

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A resident lamented,

if you take a drive/ walk around jakande estate mile 2 , amuwo odofin you will see people from niger going about with their gallons,pushing carts to draw water and sell to us.even water tankers from festac eg better life water bring their trucks into the estate and sell water to us

The third-biggest killer of children under the age of 5 in Africa is diarrhea, a disease that can — in nine out of 10 cases — be prevented by access to safe water and sanitation, according to WaterAid. Nigeria accounts for 11 percent of all global under-5 deaths, according Unicef.

Lagos state water corporation has disappointed the residents , especially residents in block 380 385 454 all areas around the estate Baptist church and CAC church .

Individuals now have to either install boreholes or face the wrath of no water supply .The government should kindly look into this issue