98 Motorcycles, popularly called Okada , and 14 Okada Riders are not having it easy as the operatives of the Lagos State Task Force went  in a recent raid  and impounded up to 98 motorcycles at Mile 2, Lagos, with 14 operators arraigned in court in the process.

14 Okada Riders , motorcycle operators  have been arraigned in court as at this time of writing.

According to Insidemainland, the raid was carried out following reports of their illegal activities coupled with report of criminal activities by innocent members of the public.

The operation was announced by the Chairman of the Agency SP Olayinka Egbeyemi who disclosed that the 98 motorcycles were impounded around 2nd Rainbow Bus-stop towards Mile 2 area of Lagos.

He stated that the notorious motorcycle operators were indiscriminately plying restricted routes and robbing innocent members of the public of their valuables such as mobile phones, bags and wrist-watches particularly at Amuwo-Odofin and Festac in general.

Explaining the restriction of motorcycle operators from plying the highway, SP Egbeyemi disclosed that the “Lagos State Road Traffic Laws of 2012 by ‘Scheduled (1) item 22’ restricted motorcycle operators from plying 375 roads which includes highways and bridges across the State.”

He confirmed that the 14 arrested notorious motorcycle operators during the operations were arraigned before Magistrate Lateef Owolabi of the Lagos State Mobile Court on the directives of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police Mr Fatai Owoseni.