Festaconline is excited to bring you a Series of Know Your Aspirants from our Amuwodecides platform in anticipation of the forthcoming Local Government Polls/ Election.

Meet Abubakar Abdutalib

Abuabakar Abdutalib  is an Aspirant for the position of Chairman of Amuwo Odofin local government Lagos State under the PDP Party.

Why Should People Vote For You

Speaking to the aspirant , he said,

The citizens in the community as it were , are not actively involved in politics. Decisions are just made from the office.In my tenure, i intend to hold town hall meetings, to hear from the people what their needs are so that things would go properly . With them involved government would be better, governance would be peaceful.

So intend to bring them in , work together , no what it takes to rule people.


What would you do when elected / voted in ?

I intend to make the community a better place for us to live in .


Illuminate the entire Amuwo Odofin which would lead to security

Health Care Services

From 0 – 5 Years Free Health Care,  From 50 & Above as well. Its in place but i would want to make sure it works.


Make the roads motor able, its not a thing to patch or just level the road and abandon them. We need a qualitative and durable roads in the community.

Drainage System

The Drainage system are all blocked. We need to flush them , make sure they run through the canals. So that we can live in


I intend to bring in sporting activities,  at various levels. This is the only way we can come together as one in one community.

We have talents in Amuwo Odofin.

I have put in place in my Manifesto, plans to take care of those who could not got to school, does who don’t have the knowledge to sit in classrooms and study.  We intend to bring them out , empower them ., put them in areas where they fit in.

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