Are you a Pregnant , expectant mother ? Live in and around Festac ? Good news for you !

Anu Dosekun foundation is sponsoring the Anu Safe Birthing Programme .

Anu Dosekun Birthing Programme
Anu Doseku Birthing Programme

This programme aims on reducing mortality rates amongst children in Nigeria.

The ADHCF is helping to support the cost of free antenatal visit and also aiding for a subsidized delivery cost.

The foundation would be partnering with Outreach Hospital Group to
You now have better chance for you babies
2400 expectant mothers would benefit from this amazing freebie as i would call it

There are more to also benefit from such as
1. You would have receipt of a clean Mammy Kit when you deliver
2. Free malaria prophylaxis
3.prenatal exercise class by trained instructor once a week
and so much exciting package.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for expectant Mothers.
With this programme you as a mother would be better informed about complication that can occur during and after delivery.
Also it would help you detect ongoing maternal infections that can be dangerous to you as a mother and your unborn baby.

So ladies and anyone who knows an expectant mother in these areas should share .

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