It’s no longer news that Festac residents have fallen prey to the veil hands and trap of kidnappers.

But the alarming consistency of kidnapping events is worrisome.

Kidnapping on The increase in Festac
Kidnapping on The increase in Festac

In the last couple of months there have been several cases of kidnaps .

The rich and influential individuals living in festac have been victims to the abductors.

According to , up to 10 businessmen have been vicitims of such incidents.

Some residents feel the kidnappers are the same as their way of operation is similar. But are they really same ?
The said similar mode is that these kidnappers military camouflage uniform and use the same type of vehicles. Most of the victims are traders at ASPAMDA section of the Trade Fair Complex.”

A police source according to dgossip , said
“One of the millionaires in Festac called me; he said many of them are scared and are currently moving out of Festac.

He said he didn’t understand what was going on in Festac. He said towards the end of last year, he had counted five millionaires that had been kidnapped.

Out of the said 10 victims , 3 made headlines last year.

The policeman also explained that the kidnappers always ask for the ransom in dollars.

One of the residents also told me that one of the victims’ ransom was paid in South Africa. He added that the reason for the demand of dollar was not farfetched. He linked it to weakening naira and increasing power of dollar.

The latest Victim Mr.Frank Umeh, an industrialist was kidnapped at Raji Rasaki Estate, Amuwo-Odofin.
He is an auto parts dealer at Aspanda Market along Mile Two/Badagry Expressway.

As usual , the men were dressed in military uniforms and trailed Mr Umeh to the front of his house .

According to vanguard, Frank was kidnapped at about 7.30p.m., in front of a filling station opposite his house.

The kidnappers rammed into his car from behind and when he alighted to ascertain the level of damage to his car, five gun-wielding occupants clad in military camouflage dragged him into their vehicle, shooting, and zoomed off.

Places like the popular roads in festac , 21, 22 roads, 7, 3 and 4th avenues are hotspots for kidnapping.

Just before Mr Frank Umeh’s kidnap , Mr. Cosmas Ojukwu Anayo was kidnapped at the estate’s gate, leading to his house. Anayo, a businessman at Trade Fair Complex, was driving back to his home, House 16, X Close, 21 Road, when he was kidnapped. Anayo’s abduction was said to have occurred around 8:15p.m. penultimate Thursday. Also Wife of Sun Newspaper’s Deputy Managing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nwosu was kidnapped.