Festac Icon this week brings to you the winner of the 10th edition of Gulder Ultimate Search , DENNIS OKIKE.

Dennis Okike became an icon when he found the  10th Symbol in the waters of Usaka River, Akwa-Ibom State and became the last man standing in the 10th Gulder Ultimate Search in 2013.
Dennis Okike is a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2009/2010. The only son of his family, with issues going on in his family . His dad was shot in 1998 and since then life wasn’t a bed of roses .That didn’t keep his faith down.


Dennis Okike never gave up , in fact the 10th edition was his 2rd attempt .

The first time, I didn’t make the preliminaries. The second time, I was evicted during the final selection and then this time around, when I went into the jungle. I played all my cards well and I prayed so much about it. I trained for almost eight months for this year’s search. I was always at the stadium and the pool training for the search. I was just ready for it. I watched all the past tasks they had in the other editions and I was just ready for anything new. – Dennis


Winning the show was a life priority for Dennis and he made sure with faith , determination he made it. He sure is worth to be celebrated. So Dennis went in and came out with a whopping sum of 10 million naira.

How do I explain being excited and happy at the same time? I couldn’t believe it. I was startled. It didn’t get to me at first but when it did? I almost fainted. I got hit by N10m on my left side and a brand new SUV on my right side so I fainted.

I wanted to be a part of the GUS family. I wasn’t keen about winning. But when I got into the jungle and I saw the contestants, I realised that I should win. Some of them hadn’t been through what I have been through in life. Some of them are comfortable in life. I felt I hungered for it more. The hunger kept pushing me. The longer I stayed in the jungle, the more I got weaker. People felt I was losing focus but I am human. God just protected everyone of us.


If you know anyone who has made it in Festac , kindly inform us =





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