Another Brutal attack on residents in Festac Town by security operatives occurred yesterday . Barrister Olajide Sipe was the victim .

Yesterday at about 3:30pm , Olajide almost lost his life as soldiers about 4 in number chased him after Jide had an argument with one of them .

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The soldiers chased him from Mobile filling station 23 road and in  the bid to catch started shooting at his vehicle .

After they caught up with him , he was dragged from his car  helpless and was beaten thoroughly .

The windscreen of Olajide Sipe’s vehicle was shattered in the attack
The windscreen of Olajide Sipe’s vehicle was shattered in the attack

Naij Correspondent who was on the scene was informed by his relatives that if not for timely intervention of  of a retired commodore who stopped his car and restrained the soldiers from inflicting more injuries on the Jide, he could have lost his life in the attack.

Jide was rushed to Mercy Gate Hospital along 72 road and was revived and treated. Jide was lucky to have escaped the loss of his life.

Jide after regaining himself narrated his ordeal to the the Naij Correspondent, Kalu . He said

Barrister Olajide Sipe
Barrister Olajide Sipe After Regaining himself at the hospital

 I was coming from where I went to buy water barely ten minutes after talking with my wife on the phone, at 23 Road Mobil Petrol station, those buying fuel had blocked one lane and a soldier had stopped a bus on the other lane in the middle of the road.

“When I realsed that the soldier was blocking the road I said to him, Oga this thing you are doing is causing holdup, why don’t you take the bus out of the road, so that we can move, and then he said to me who are you, what nonsense are you talking, and I said, no Oga I’m not trying to teach you what to do, I’m only telling you that if you do this thing it will be better for us using the road. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Nurses attending to Olajide after he was beaten by Soldiers.

“The next thing he said was, You must be a useless man, then when I saw that he was already taking that tone I decided to move my car, then he started running after me, after I took the turning on 23 Road, another soldier, light in complexion came in front of my car, I stopped, then he began kicking my front wheel and smashed my windscreen.

“When I saw he was kicking my car, I moved, then the two Soldiers boarded a bike, then they later became four and began chasing me, as I got to 7th Avenue, I made a U-turn and they rammed their bike into my car, then I drove off, when the soldiers saw me driving off they shot at the car twice, the second bullet hit my tyre. When I heard the sound of the gun I couldn’t believe I was being shot at. After my tyre went flat, I came down and they ran to me and beat me blue black, after that people around brought me to the hospital.

The relatives of the victim said the commanding officer of the soldiers, Lieutenant Sadi, later came to the hospital to see the damage his men had caused to an innocent citizen, but offered no further succor.

Source: Naij