At around 2pm , Friday 19th 2016  the Festac police saved the day as the caught armed robbers .

It all happened when robbers got hold of the accountant of Sunfit on the way from the bank.

The armed robbers who were 4 in numbers were chased by the driver who continued the chase past front of Sunfit where some policemen were packed.

Sadly for the robbers ,the policemen joined in the chase ,the 2 robbers on  bike escaped but the 2 others who were with the money were caught ..

After being caught ,the robbers were dragged into the hotel and one of the robbers still trying to escape  reached for his locally made pistol.

Smartly the police hit the robber with a metal on the head which caused his head to open .Yet still adamant ,the police was forced to shoot him on the chest. ..

It was until sand was put in the gun and shot at him before it had effect. .

The other robber was taken for questioning. .Clearly Festac Police saved the day !