Festaconline Weddings Feature Our second couple Magdalene Bright and Sopulu obi
so here’s their Story

How we met


After my Industrial Training program in 2008, I came back to school, the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, to resume as choirmaster.

It was during our first rehearsal than I saw Magdalene for the first time. Time almost stopped! She was so captivating with her lovely smile, charming personality, and braided hair.

Oh yes I remember her hair 🙂 However, we were in different relationships then and became just friends.

The friendship gradually grew stronger, then my relationship ended. I asked Magdalene out but she declined.

I realized in my heart that I had to wait patiently for her as she was still involved with another.

My chance came a year later sometime in 2012 (shout out to Okoro Jerry for facilitating) and I grabbed it with both hands…I even carry my feet join too. Finally! Magdalene was free and willing to explore a new world with me.


The first time I saw Sopulu was in church during choir rehearsal. After rehearsal, he gave an announcement and I remember glancing at him and thinking, oh, wow! This choirmaster is cute.

However, I was already in a relationship and I later discovered that he was also in a relationship.

Before the end of the year he told me he wanted to see me in church to tell me ‘something’. Was I in trouble? …. I wondered what this ‘something’ was.

Although noticeably shy, Sopulu asked me out. He was for some reason convinced I liked him too (I wonder why).

I declined as I was still in a relationship and we remained friends. But that was just the beginning…..

Sopulu was persistent. He called often… he checked up on me often… he was a good friend.

He had and still has this charming personality and a big heart for God. I remember praying to God for His direction and His will.

Things started falling into place after I had issues with my relationship and ended it.

I investigated and found out Sopulu was single. Good! When I was ready to move on, I told Sopulu and we started dating


On my birthday Sopulu took me out to a celebratory dinner at Casper Gambini, an Italian restaurant in Lagos.

After dinner, according to him I was not looking happy so he had to take me to a karaoke joint owned by one of his friends.

At the karaoke joint, we sang to each other, after which Sopulu took the mic and started talking.

I assumed he just wanted to wish me a happy birthday so imagine my surprise when he got down on one knee and popped the question.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I froze! Luckily I had the presence of mind to say a big resounding ‘YES’ and he placed the ring on my finger. I was so very happy.

It’s amazing how things turned out because there were a lot of doubts from people who never thought we would last together.

But here we are. Sure we have our differences, but when all is said and done, what we have is genuine.

We bring out the best in one another and love each other very much.

For this and other reasons I remain eternally grateful to God and look forward to married life with Sopulu.